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Australia produces the best wool in the world. It is the wool of choice for use in fine apparel and luxury garments; sought after by all processing nations due to its renowned quality.

Underpinning Australian wool’s popularity are the world-leading practices our woolgrowers use on-farm, every day. These practices are backed by comprehensive state and national frameworks for sheep health and welfare (including regulation), and world-leading health and welfare programs. Our growers and our government have made substantial, long-term investments in innovation and industry development across areas such as genetics, animal husbandry, traceability and provenance.

"This handbook outlines how all of these elements work together to produce Aussie wool — a natural, sustainable product that is recognised globally for its excellence and quality."
Jo Hall | CEO, WoolProducersAustralia

Communicating these wool industry practices and systems to consumers is important for the reputation and ongoing success of Australian wool in international markets. That’s why WoolProducers Australia and Animal Health Australia have partnered together to develop the Trust in Australian Wool campaign.

As part of this campaign, a handbook has been developed where you will find information on sheep health, welfare and biosecurity practices, as well as the exceptional sustainability and traceability processes that support the Australian wool industry.

"It provides a simple yet comprehensive summary of the industry, its key features and achievements, as well as its framework for ensuring the excellence of its products."
Sharon Starick | Chair, Animal Health Australia

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