The Australian wool industry
produces the best quality
wool in the world

Now it's time to tell our customers about why they can have trust in Australian wool

About Trust In Australian Wool

Australian wool is trusted by those who use it and wear it right around the globe. It is the wool of choice for use in fine apparel and luxury garments; sought after by all processing nations due to its renowned quality.

The Australian wool industry is one we can be proud of – now it’s time to share our story.

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The Trust in Australian Wool handbook

This handbook provides information on sheep health, welfare and biosecurity practices, as well as the world-leading sustainability and traceability processes that underpin the Australian wool industry. Anyone interested to learn about the Australian wool industry, from students to career professionals, will find this handbook a simple yet comprehensive summary of the industry, its key features and achievements, as well as its framework for ensuring the excellence of its products.

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